Be the Good in a World Gone Mad

There’s a grief that can’t be spoken There’s a pain goes on and on Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends are dead and gone. Les Miserables For the past month, I have started and then stopped writing at least a dozen blog posts. I’ve opened my laptop with every intention of expressing my […]

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New Fears

Today I ticked another box on the long list of things that humans can be afraid of. ‘Great white sharks’ was checked when I was eight and watched Jaws for the first time at my aunt’s house, ‘my body’ was checked when I tried on prom dresses in high school and realized how awkwardly they […]

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Jesus Makes Our Brokenness Beautiful


This weekend, I learned about a little thing called Kintsugi (“golden repair”). You could call it the Japanese art of making broken things beautiful. In Kintsugi, artists take the pieces of dishware that have broken (pots, cups, plates, etc.) and put them back together again with lacquer. It’s kind of like that thing people do […]

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An Open Letter to Donald Trump


  Dear Donald Trump,   We need to talk.     I am one of the Americans whose future will be directly impacted by the policies you enact if elected president. Because I am one of those Americans, and because Americans like me are listening to you and taking you seriously, I feel the need […]

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My New Favorite Temple Prep Resource


If I haven’t blogged in awhile, it’s probably because I’ve been reading my brains out to achieve the one resolution I never seem to keep — read one book a week, or at least 100 a year. The past few months have been crazy due to this ridiculous resolution, which I’ve kind of given up […]

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My Belated New Year’s Goals


Usually, I’m all over the New Year’s Eve stuff. I’ll write long lists of what I accomplished in the past year, do a review on my blog, and think of all of my worst moments and mentally let them go in the seconds counting down to midnight. One year, I spent the last hour of […]

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Confessions of a Girl Who Sucks at Vulnerability

Whenever I open my phone and scroll through Facebook, I run into this same sponsored post by The North Face (I guess that’s what FB’s algorithm does to you when you drool over Thermoball jackets all day long). It’s a black and white image of a grisly older man who has ice in his beard, […]

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