Fun Day Friday

Today was BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful. It poured like a storm in Dickensian London, and I walked all the way to the Aztec from campus in the rain, puddle jumping like a boss in my yellow rain boots. It was SUH-WEET.
Never tried rainy day selfies. They’re messy.
Today was just super great!
Got some fresh contacts, listened to Brooke Walker from Studio 5 talk about the gospel lessons she’s learned through journalism (SO GOOD), lived on the edge and took an exam I didn’t study for, got a sweet internship. 
GOT SUSHI. OH YEAH. Go to Lee’s, get Hannah’s sushi. It’s the greatest thing in the whole world. 
This right here is bliss.
After having a truly horrible week last week and worrying about stupid things and feeling pretty insecure, I decided, “You know what? You’re awesome and all of that is unimportant right now. Just keep moving.”
And it was great. And life is great.
Look at these awesome Kim Jong-un memes:

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