What is your dream?


The other day I had an amazing conversation with my good friend Eden. We started by catching up (as, for the moment, we live in separate countries), and then we started discussing dreams and goals. Few conversations I’ve had lately have bolstered my spirit as much as that one did.

Has anyone ever asked you what your dream is before? I’m sure they have, whether it comes in the form of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “What do you want?” Once upon a time, when I was on a date with Number Five, he asked me that exact question. What do you want in life, Arianna? I couldn’t give him a good answer.

Many times, people have asked me, “What do you want?” Living in an LDS community my whole life, I have often felt extremely pressured into saying things like:

A family
To be married
To serve a mission

All of those things are beautiful and good, and I want all those things, but I think we (and that includes me) often feel pressured into saying them because in an eternal perspective, those are the things that matter most. Oftentimes, when people ask us what our dreams are, we abridge them. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a mom. I want to do something great. 

I’m here to promote the sharing of unabridged dreams, dreams that are wide and beautiful, dreams like the one Eden told me and the one I told her. Dreams that are honest.

You know what my dream is?

I want to live near mountains, beautiful, towering, jagged, godlike mountains. I want to live near a lake that I can hike to and swim in and catch fish in every summer with a cool glass of water and a good book. Somewhere with a history and somewhere with big, stunning rocks that I can climb and perch myself on to watch the sun set. I want to have a nice little home filled with photos and artwork I’ve made and furniture I’ve refurbished. I want a little studio where I can write about lessons I’ve learned from life and the mountains and my beliefs, poetry and novels. If I were to somehow eek out a nice living by doing that, I’d want to go backpacking all around the world and meet people from every situation and write about them like no one ever has before. And then one day I want to have a family. We’ll make rockets and castles out of cardboard boxes and I’ll read them To Kill a Mockingbird and Huckleberry Finn and Great Expectations when they’re growing up so that they’ll love books and love life. We’ll go camping every summer, spread our bodies out beneath the stars and talk about God. Every night we’ll read together, and when they grow up and move away, I’ll send them a new book every Christmas. 

That is my dream. Unabridged and growing every day. 

What’s yours? What’s your completely unabridged dream? Leave a comment, let me know. [: 

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  1. I love your while blog :)

    My dream is to change the world, and if not the world, than somebody, because of being me. I want to live in a big house, with windows and a grand piano, where I can stare at the stars and write as I please. I want to hear the sound of children running about, to watch them grow and to feel I've done the best I could. I dream of a life full of love and creation. I dream of finally being able to paint, to have time to sleep and to think. I dream of being the best I can be

  2. I knew God when I was a very young age. Then a non member. I always wanted my family to be together forever.

    I wanted to live in a large house with a spacious yard…perhaps even an acreage. I want a huge library in that house…with comfy chairs for all with adequate lighting and desks for writing and a large music room with not only a grand piano, but also a variety of instruments.

    I want and art and crafts room, filled with endless supplies. And many easels…and reams of drawing paper.

    I want a walk-in pantry with enough and to spare. Spacious kitchen and a large dining room for guests and a smaller one for family.

    I want a room to dance in. To hold dances in.

    I want a yard with trees strung with twinkling lights.

    I want there to always be room for family and friends…so no one has to stay in a hotel when they visit. I want room for my parents and the parents of who ever my wife will be.

    I want lots of blankets. And pillows.

    I want fireplaces.

    I want to hang a flat-screen from a tree and watch movies snuggled in softness in the back yard…like an old drive-in without the ca,r but with copious amounts of popcorn and chocolate.

    I want to serenade my who-ever my wife will be…and chase her teasing through the house…

    …then chase the children through the house.

    I want to teach my children to juggle…I want to read books in cartoon voices.

    I want to do push-ups with kids trading off jumping on and shouting wheeee!

    I want to hold my wife in my arms as she falls asleep.

    I want to watch, waiting for my wife to wake…just because…and to hear what she has to say first thing today…

    I want my family to love God as much as I do.