Climb Diary: Fucoidal Quartzite & Sweet Hiking

Climb theme:
Two amateur climbers documenting their summer adventures. 
The location: Fucoidal Quartzite, Logan Canyon
The climbers: Ari (left), Kori (right)
The wall: Tennis Ball, 5.8 (and one other mystery wall)
The climb: 

On the ground: 

Commentary: Fucoidal Quartzite is probably my favorite area in the canyon. Lots of fantastic and challenging walls to climb. After climbing, Kori and I went on a short hike upward, and it was just gorgeous. We may or may not have risked our lives by doing this . . . coughcough. 

The views:

Kori and I decided that our climbing motto is now, “Wow! What a hold!” 
Exhibit A (from Home Alone): 

Only problem is that when we shout it at each other, we laugh too hard to climb.

Thanks for reading.
Happy trails, everybody! 

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