Life Lately: Moved In

Hello! Ari here, blogging from a phone. I hope the layout’s not too bad because I’m super OCD about that stuff.

Anyway, I’m gone away. Moved. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to settle as I’ve spent the last three days checking out Comic Con. Which, by the way, was super overwhelming. (I don’t want to be in another crowd of people for at least a month.) I’m introverted enough that being in big crowds for too long exhausts me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Right now I’m in recovery mode.

So anyway, this blog may be different for awhile. I’m going back to my blogging roots, when blogging was what I did to stay in touch with family and friends. Since I’ll be writing full time, I’m not sure what kind of attention this blog will get. I realize that a lot of you only read for my Gospel stuff, and that’s great. Things just may be a bit more personal for a bit. That’s all. Stick around. Get to know me. I’m kind of cool. Kind of.

My first real impression of city life is that it’s lonely. It’s funny that a city so large has so little space to speak with people–they’re always coming or going. Each morning is punctuated by the whistling exhale of incoming and outgoing trains, the only breath the city seems to take. I feel so small in it.

On the other hand, this is all one exciting adventure. It’s like I’m in an Austen novel, living with my aunt and, tonight, dining with my bishop, who kindly invited us over. Except there aren’t any petticoats, there are pencil skirts. There are not carriages, there are railroad tracks. And the future is one big, fluctuating thing, not decided. I think that makes me the most anxious.

But it’s life and it moves. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Fascinating perspective, and it is all about perspective. When I moved to SLC from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I marveled at how compact this city is! And impressed they had stuffed so much in such a small space, from first-rate cultural arts to sports teams. A cozy-sized city where everyone either knows each other or has a common friend or ancestor. Especially the latter!

  2. Sooo many memories of Salt Lake City.

    But…I have always felt that I have mostly skipped along the surface, like a flat rock tossed across a smooth pond. Touching briefly…connecting lightly here and there…maybe even to the point of bypassing the “sinking in” altogether…momentum only allowing me to rattle past…onto the far shore.

    Your “Austen novel” experience of living with your aunt and dining with your bishop had infinitely more depth and connection…and yet…you still had the same impression of loneliness that I had.

    I have been there with my non-member parents who loved the entire experience and marveled at how easy it was to find one’s way around…and my brother, who was also enthralled.

    Every female I have ever been in a serious relationship with, has been with me in SLC.

    Many a date with potential as well.

    I have worked there, performed there…and of course basked in the Spirit in Temple Square. I went through the Salt Lake Temple several times.

    I have even attended a Prophet’s and apostle’s ward for Sunday service several times.

    I have enjoyed fine dining and elegant dances and classical concerts.

    I have lodged there, but I have never lived there.

    I have always felt there is more there…that I am missing.

    I must assign future goals to find all of that.