Bless You Internet, Vol. 1


One of my favorite blogs is SEMI-RAD, mostly because it’s freaking funny and filled with lots of tongue-in-cheek outdoors tips, which I love. The blogger, Brendan Leonard, has a series that he updates every Friday called “Friday Inspiration.” In it, he unloads all of the best stuff he’s found on the Internet that week. As we all know, the Internet can often be the armpit of humanity: dark and disgusting. It’s nice to take a break from all of that and see the silver lining. So, to follow in the footsteps of Brendan Leonard and add what I hope will be a little more joy to the world wide web, here is the first in my own series of best stuff found online. Enjoy!

  • I am obsessed with the series Stranger Things, no small reason being because of the music. Synthwave, as a genre, is like an auditory carne asada taco to me — it’s soooooo good. For months since watching Stranger Things, I’ve scoured the web for good theme remixes. This week, I found THE ONE.

  • This one dude filmed one second of every day he was hiking the PCT and it’s pretty beautiful. 
  • I discovered a poet named Rudy Francisco this week, and his poetry just gets under my skin. It’s so beautiful. Here’s one he had posted on his Facebook page that I just adore:rudy francisco
  • This Facebook album about dogs is the best thing ever. It made me laugh really hard.
  • I follow about 20 different National Park Facebook accounts, and nothing makes my day like seeing pictures like this get posted:
    bison calf
  • This entire Facebook page brings me more joy than is probably normal.

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1 comment

  1. Okay! Listened to the music and enjoyed it!
    Watched the hike video. It’s what my dreams are made of.
    Loved the poem. So VERY true.
    The dogs made me chuckle.
    The baby bison warmed my heart.
    You lost me with the Jeff Goldblum picture thing. Personally, it kinda struck me as wasted space. And time. And whatever measure of energy used to click the link. But I am happy that it makes you happy! All for that!